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We are Kurtis and Tom, 2 qualified teachers with 14 years of experience within education and teaching between the 2 of us, we have worked within mainstream, special needs, alternative provisions and adult education over the years and want to make the learning experience more accessible to everyone, by also making it more engaging and more fun. 

We developed our Mathsopoly curriculums for Maths, based on the National Curriculum, Entry Levels, Functional Skills and GCSE - yes, we created 4 Mathsopoly curriculum sets. With the aim to engage students particularly with special needs by adding gamification to it, we have used and proved that this works. Though this is not available to buy publicly yet (due to some licensing issues that we're slowly working on to resolve), we are open to this product being tested in schools who are willing to try it and give constructive feedback on it. Tom is the lead on our Mathsopoly curriculum, continually building on this with more resources and improving the structure and content, with Kurtis primarily developing the tracking systems. 

Our YouTube channel has been designed to create simpler videos that are clear, easy to follow and modern, with interactivity a key part in it. Kurtis currently leads and develops this. 

The pictures at the top show us in some of our previous work environments, and places we've visited. You can see us at CERN too where the Large Hadron Collider is located.